Notary Public Application Form Online India

Learn more about the Department of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Law and Justice. Detailed information about the functions, organizational structure, employee corner, flyers, orders, e-book to the department, etc. of the department is given. Lokpal is the first independent institution of its kind in India established under the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act of 2013 to investigate and investigate allegations of corruption against public officials falling within the scope and scope of the above-mentioned Act. Users can also find speeches on a dated basis. Learn more about the Department of Justice and Justice. Users can find information about Indian courts, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Legislative Department, Law Commission of India and Ministry of Justice. One can also search for lists of causes, daily orders, judgments and laws, etc. The notary application form is provided by the Ministry of Law and Justice.

Information on the Indian justice system is provided. Users can find information about Indian courts, the Judgment Information System (JUDIS), the Supreme Court and the Supreme Courts. Links are provided to case lists, daily orders and judgments, etc. Users can also check the status of cases pending in different courts across the country. You can also find links to court websites. The Virtual Court is a concept that aims to eliminate the presence of litigants or lawyers in court and to decide the case online. Get detailed information about the Law Commission of India, where users have links to the Overseas Law Commission, function, commission reports, etc. that are made available by the Ministry of Law and Justice.

You can have the E-Boook published by the Ministry of Justice and Law, which highlights the initiatives and achievements of this Ministry. Detailed information on the Tasks of the Ministry, good governance practices, litigation, etc. can be found in this e-book. The Ministry of Law and Justice provides its Manual of Electoral Laws. Users can find detailed information about the laws of parliament such as the Law on the Representation of the People, the Law on Demarcation, etc. Get information about rules and orders under the Constitution, such as officers before whom candidates can take an oath or sign an oath or confirmation, the order of the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes), etc. Users can get information about the laws relating to the removal of. Contact information for Assistant Solicitors General in various high courts provided by the Department of Law and Justice can be found here.

Users can view the names of deputy solicitors general of all states, as well as addresses and telephone numbers. The date of commencement of the term of office of the tribunal concerned and the date of expiry of the term of office of all staff members shall also be indicated. Real estate supervisory authority for the regulation and promotion of the real estate sector and to ensure the sale of land, apartments or buildings or the sale of real estate projects in an efficient and transparent manner. Learn more about applying for grants for the Ministry of Law and Justice. Users can get details about the grant amount and details of the associated expenses. Users can view and download the files. Contact information for the Electricity Appeal Tribunal (APTEL) can be found here. Users can obtain the names of public servants, their names, telephone numbers and other contact information. Access to justice for all and justice at the doors of citizens. .