Michigan Rental Laws Security Deposit Return

In addition, any landlord who intends to withhold all or part of a deposit should be able to prove impeccable condition before the tenant moves in – and the poor condition at the time of the move. If an amount of the security deposit is to be withheld by the Michigan landlord, the landlord has 30 days after the lease ends to send the tenant a detailed list of the damages claimed. The landlord must indicate in the notice the estimated cost of repairing each damaged item, as well as the amounts and bases on which they wish to assess the tenant. The list must be accompanied by a cheque or money order for the difference between the damage claimed and the amount of the deposit held by the owner. Of course, only damages attributable to the tenant can be claimed. The damage notice must contain the following statement in bold of 12 points, which must be at least 4 points larger than the text of the notice: Unless your landlord has a reason to keep it, you should get your deposit back after you move. Here are some reasons why your landlord may keep your security deposit: The Landlord-Tenant Relations Act, which is included in Michigan`s compiled law, defines a security deposit that includes any security deposit, including the required initial payment of rent, and any other amount that must be paid beyond the average rent for the term, and any other amount of money that can be returned to the tenant. if the rental unit is included in the rental agreement. If you are told that you will have to pay your last month`s rent to move in, this is part of the deposit. Your deposit can only be one and a half times your monthly rent. For example, if your rent is $500 per month, your deposit cannot exceed $750. The owner cannot deduct from the deposit for cleaning.

If a security deposit is required in Michigan, the landlord must create an inventory checklist at the beginning of a rental period and at the end of a rental period that details the condition of the rental property. The tenant is required to check the checklist, note the condition of the property and return a copy of the checklist to the landlord within seven days of moving in. The maximum amount Michigan landlords can charge as a security deposit is one and a half months` rent. The landlord does not require a deposit unless the tenant is notified no later than 14 days after receiving a written statement of the tenant`s name and address to receive the notification. With the name and address of the financial institution or guarantee. Michigan`s relevant bail laws can be found on the Michigan Legislature website under Michigan Compiled Laws § 554.602 to 554.616. Note: Individual cities and counties may have landlord-tenant and bond laws that are different from those at the Michigan state level. If you give your landlord your new address, but you don`t get your deposit or a list of damages back within 30 days of your moving date, your landlord won`t be able to claim damages against your deposit. You may still be responsible for the cost of damages or unpaid rent, but your landlord cannot use your deposit to get that money. You may have the right to double your deposit. Ask what the deposit is if you are looking for a new home. Don`t wait to sign or move into a lease to find out.

A lease, also known as a lease, is an agreement that creates or modifies the terms, conditions or other conditions governing the use and occupancy of a rental unit. Your landlord has 45 days from the time you move to take legal action for damages. If all of the following events occur, you can sue your former landlord for the double security deposit: Michigan landlords must provide tenants with a damage notice before deducting the damage costs from the security deposit. Michigan landlords are also required to notify tenants of their obligation to provide the landlord with a mailing address in writing (within four days of the end of occupancy). The notice must include the following statement in 12-point bold type, which is at least 4 points larger than the text of the termination or rental agreement: “You must inform your landlord in writing within 4 days of your move via a forwarding address where you can be reached and where you will receive the mail; Otherwise, your landlord will be exempted from sending you a detailed list of damages and penalties that will maintain this omission. Failure to provide the information releases the tenant from his obligation to inform the owner of his postal address of reshipment. Michigan requires landlords to provide in writing the name and address of the landlord for receipt of notices, as well as the name and address of the financial institution or security where the tenant`s deposit is kept. This information must be provided to the tenant within 14 days of the tenant taking possession of the rent. If you don`t provide your new address, your landlord won`t have to give you a detailed list of the damages. Your landlord can keep your deposit until you do something to get it back. Under what circumstances can my landlord withhold some or all of the deposit? If a tenant does not agree with the allocation of deductions, he must contest the deductions specified by the landlord within seven days of receipt of the statement (and / or the balance of the deposit) or waive the right to contest them.

(In reality, there is nothing to prevent the tenant from bringing a minor dispute against the landlord over the disposition of the deposit at any time.) The deposit clause in the rental agreement must include the name and address of the owner (must be indicated within 14 days of the tenant taking over the rental unit); the name and address of the bank that holds the deposit in the deposit; and a note (in bold of 12 points) that you must inform your landlord in writing within 4 days of your move via a forwarding address where you will receive the mail. The process of recovering your deposit begins when you move. When you move, be sure to return your keys and remove all your belongings. If the landlord makes deductions from the entire deposit or withholds it, they must send a detailed list of the damages, the cost of the repairs and the following note: “You must respond to this notice by mail within 7 days of receiving it, otherwise you will lose the amount of damages claimed.” What is the timeline for returning my deposit after leaving the rental unit? The moving in checklist is an important part of the filing process. Your landlord should give you two copies of an inventory or checklist to move in. On the first page should be printed in bold in 12-point bold: Damage: If the landlord has recently painted the dwelling and the tenant has left the walls in a dirty state, or if his children draw on it or arbitrarily repaint the walls himself – then the landlord must repaint earlier than normal. Here, the owner has a strong argument for deducting the cost of painting from the depot. In addition, the Michigan Legislature Tenant`s Guide is available by clicking here. For more information on leases, contract law, deposits, and claims for damages, you should take the RPOA course on Rental and Contract Law. Check out the course schedule here. Most courses also provide CE credits for licensed real estate professionals. Warranties in Michigan.

The guarantee must be drafted by a guarantee company licensed in the State of Michigan and is accepted by the Attorney General to obtain a deposit of up to $50,000 and 25% in an amount greater than $50,000. .