By accepting the responsibility of the Zenarc Community, Zenarc instructors are expected to follow the requirements set by the Review Board of Zenarc. If instructors do not comply with the current or later-amended policy, the Review Board of Zenarc holds the right to revoke the instructors’ volunteer hours, courses, and account.  


In order to become a Zenarc Instructor, one must first create an account through the Website. After creating an account and filling out the necessary information, one will then be considered a Zenarc Instructor. Zenarc Instructors have the ability to submit material to the Review Board of Zenarc for publication. 

Content Restrictions

Under no circumstances may any Zenarc Instructor include “improper” material into their educational videos. Violations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pornographic Material (Nudity, Sexual Acts, etc.)
  • Plagiarism
  • Copyrighted Material (Music, Pictures, etc.)
  • Vulgar language (curse words, derogatory slurs, etc.)
  • Non-consensual filming
  • Hate Speech (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.)
  • Any discussion of sensitive content without content warning (death, rape, sexual assault, suicide, violence, etc.)
  • Any visually disturbing content without content warning (blood, 
  • Any self-promotion (advertising one’s Instagram, youtube channel, etc.)
  • Spam

Content Requirements

As a Zenarc Instructor, one has an obligation to uphold our integrity as an institution that prides itself on sharing correct, clear educational lessons to society. To ensure our mission is followed, all submissions must contain:

  • Sources (if applicable)
  • Unique Content
  • Course Completion Test/Quiz with a minimum of five questions and a maximum of twenty questions.
  • Clear Audio and Video

Volunteer Hours

Zenarc Instructors will receive community service hours based on two factors: The submitted video(s) and quiz(s). For every five minutes of polished content, the volunteer may receive up to 1 hour. Volunteer hours for quizzes are based on the number of questions and will range between 1-2 hours. The Review Board also has every right to grant volunteers hours as they deem fit based on the quality of the course. 

The Review Process

Once an instructor’s course is received, the Zenarc Review Board will pick either one of the three following options.

  1. Approve the instructor’s course and will give permission to upload onto the website.
  2. Reject the instructor’s course. This may be due to a violation of the policies or due to a lack of interest in the course.
  3. Ask the instructor to revise their course material and resubmit their revised version based on feedback given by the board. If an instructor is unable to fix the revisions that the board proposes, the course will not be approved later on. 

Termination Policy

The Review Board of Zenarc reserves the right to immediately terminate the services of any Zenarc Instructor if they are found guilty of any misdemeanor or are perpetuating any action that damages the image, reputation, or progress of Zenarc. Termination results in a suspension to send materials until further notice. Zenarc will have full possession of previously sent instructional material and will be allowed to use such materials after termination.

If you have any questions regarding the instructor policies, email