Introduction to Investing

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In this very brief and short course we will go over what the differences are between trading, investing, and saving. We will look at what different options exist when investing your money. At the end we will talk about the accounts and different benefits of choosing what to hold your assets in. This is a constantly evolving and updating course. -Rylan

What Will I Learn?

  • An understanding of investing,
  • Types of investments,
  • Investment accounts.

Topics for this course

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An introduction to the course.

Trading, Investing, and Saving?

In this topic we will go over the differences between Trading, Investing, and Saving.

Investment Options?

In this module we will go over the different investment options.

Investment Accounts?

In this topic we will be going over some different investment accounts.


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I've been watching quite a few different classes as I try to gain a better understanding of stocks and shares so I can start planning my future finances and investing. This set of lessons had great bite-sized pieces of what felt like very relevant and actionable information which concludes in explaining how you can get started. This class is aimed far more at streamlining your progression from not knowing what investing is, to understanding the basics and being ready to make your first investment. Highly recommend it!



  • A will to learn!